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Liberty4 Consignment API

Liberty4 Consignment API
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The L4C API (Application Programmers Interface) allows stores and developers to create separate desktop or web applications which will talk directly to their Liberty software.  The API has many features which will allow stores to tap into their stores data and create robust applications.  In fact, the "Item Entry App" for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch already use this same technology which allows stores to enter items from their store or from a remote location. Using the API, you will be able to....

  • Lookup consignor accounts
  • Add consignor accounts
  • Edit consignor addresses
  • Edit email addresses
  • Edit phone numbers
  • Lookup Items
  • Add Items
  • Assign Photos to an item
  • Edit Items
  • Print Tags
  • Email Item Lists
  • View Transaction History
  • Lookup consignor balance
  • Enter transactions
  • Lookup Payouts
  • Create Payouts

The API will be licensed on a per store level and at an enterprise level.  There will also be a developer license for those looking to create applications for a store.  Documentation for the API is available here.  The API will be licensed on a yearly basis.   The Enterprise license allows you to use the API in unlimited stores.  Stores who want support for using the API must be on a support contract, otherwise they can use email support.

*Note* The store must already have purchased the Liberty Mobile Server in order to use the API.

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