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The ION Linear Wireless Scanner

The ION Linear Wireless Scanner
SKU ION-wireless
Weight 1.00 lbs
Our price: $349.00

The ION Linear Wireless is equipped with ZigBee® Standard wireless technology. ZigBee technology has lower interference rates and uses less energy than other wireless technologies; therefore, the barcode scanner has a longer battery life between charges. The ION Linear Wireless incorporates a convenient USB dongle for a clean wireless connection, a sleek, shatter-resistant ergonomic housing.

  • IMPACT RESISTANT HOUSING - Built to withstand multiple drops onto concrete, the ION Linear will ensure minimal downtime.
  • Reads up to 270 scans/second
  • Reaing Distance From 1.2? to 18.1? - The ION Linear is a no-nonsense LED barcode scanner with outstanding speed and scan distance.
  • Compact USB dongle receiver
  • ZigBee┬« Standard Wireless technology
  • Operating Time of Approximately 70,000 scans/charge