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Liberty4 Consignment Upgrade

Liberty4 Consignment Upgrade
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Liberty4 Consignment is without a doubt the most flexible and easy to use software program built especially for consignment, thrift and resale stores. No other product on the market today comes close to matching Liberty's features, functions and capabilities. Liberty4 Consignment will meet all your needs and provide you with money saving features and will help you reduce your time used to manage your books.

There are currently over 750 new enhancements and report modifications that are in the the 4.X branch.  There is even a new touch-screen interface for Point of Sale which makes for quicker sales entry.

This upgrade is a very comprehensive upgrade. Stores on older versions of Liberty should plan accordingly before doing the upgrade.  Also, please keep in mind that upgrading to the latest version can be difficult on computers that are older and do not have enough CPU processing power.

As all of you know, the L4C upgrade is FREE for those users who have maintained a support contract (SPF Plan) and tag plan (SSP) since they purchased the program and have had no lapse in coverage. Once you request your upgrade, we will verify that your account is qualified to receive the upgrade.  Once you have requested or purchased the upgrade and you are approved, you will be able to log into your 'my.resaleworld.com' account and download the file.  Depending on the volume of upgrades, it may take up to 72 hours to get your upgrade file.

To purchase your upgrade, select from the options above that best fits your situation.  If you want Resaleworld to install your upgrade for you via TeamViewer, please indicate that as well. If we perform your upgrade, we will most likely schedule it so that you are not inconvenienced during business hours.   If you decide to do it yourself AND you get stuck, please be advised that we still may have to schedule a time to call you back due to high call volume.

If you are upgrading from LFW/LDOS/CBDOS/CBWIN, a data conversion will be necessary. If you want Resaleworld to help you with the data conversion, please indicate that as well.

Please see this video to get help on completing this order.

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